We have sold this to a Great Company


Not much warning for you guys, but we have

sold ‘The Godfather of Traffic to another Great

Company. Please Visit Again, I believe they will

have Great Stuff to Offer You!

In the mean time for PCMU Traffic Exchanges:

Please Visit Here: https://pcmarketingunlimited.com/Traffic.html

And… Come back Soon, I’m Sure they will be updating and

You’ll Find Great Offerings!

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Premium Leads Club Re-launch

We have made Big Changes,
Check Out the NEW Improved PLC!

Look at all the features we

Spin the Wheel
Grid Click Game
Steal the Site
Daily Bonus W/Points Compounded Daily
2 Referral Contests
Fast 6 Second Surf for Prizes
Free List Building Products
Monthly Leads for Every Membership Level
Upgraded Members get Random Referrals

We have Daily/Nightly Drawings for
Cash and Prizes!

Just a Few things that put us above
the Rest:

1.) Our Site is Self-Cleaning, No dead,
Inactive Members. They are required to
login and click ads or their account is
deleted. No More Waste of Your Credits!

2.) We Build YOUR List not Ours, like 95%
of the Others Out There!

3.) Members Must View Ads, to Send Ads

And Much More Waiting for You!

Come Visit and Enjoy these and Many
More Perks!


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Happy Saturday!

Your Banner Here Across Our Network – Click for Information!

Happy Saturday!

Hope Your All Doing Well!!!

Video 3 in this Series is Free Traffic
from Tutorial Sites:

I thought that I’d Kick Off the Month, and
Spring, by Gifting Everyone with a Product
that you can download Free!

Follow this Link to Download List Building
on a Budget, Direct from the Download Page:


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Happy April Fools Day!

Hey Everyone,

Happy April Fools Day!

No Tricks Here, Just Real Traffic!

We have started a New Traffic Series:

I think I should give you all the link huh!

While we are talking Traffic, Have You
gotten Your 250+ Free Solo Ads!

We are adding New Sites as we get them,
Maybe Bookmark the Page and Check it

Many of these Sites are in our downline
builders on our sites. It is worth filling
out the downline builders, as members sign
up to get the Free Solos.

Don’t leave money on the table, check out
the downline builders on our sites!

Have a Great Weekend!!!

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Hey Everyone… New Video and Weekend Special!

Your Banner Here Across Our Network – Click for Information!

Hey Everyone…

New Video is Up!

It is about setting up your Sales Funnel:

Here is a Weekend Special!

Claim 2500 Mailing Credits at Last Chance Mailer
or 10 Solo Ads at any of our other sites by Signing
Up at The Matrix Mailer and Submitting a Support
Ticket. Don’t Forget Your Username!

Also…there’s a Platinum Upgrade at Premium
Leads Club on the Bonus Page of the Matrix Mailer!

Check Out ‘The Matrix Mailer’!

Have a Great Weekend!

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New Video and New Launch!!!

Your Banner Here Across Our Network – Click for Information!

Hey Guys… and Gals:-)

I have put up a New PLR Video,
and if you visit and View you
will find a link to get some top
of the line quality PLR Products
for Freeeeee……

So pop on in and see if this is
for You!

Also, we have a New Newsletter/Course up!

Now…We are Launching a New Mailer/Ad Exchange
in the Next Day or So. Not quite ready yet, but
this one is going to be a smash with some people!

I will of course make it available to this group
first. I hope a lot of you will get on board…
and help make it a Success:-)

That’s about all for the Moment,

Have a Great Day!

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Your Banner Here Across Our Network – Click for Information!


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Hey Everyone… News and Promo Code!

Hey Everyone!!!

Happy Saturday and Happy National
Girl Scout Day!!!

National Girl Scout Day – March 12

So, There is a New Video Up…

It is called Secret Formula to PLR Success!

We topped it off by giving you 89 PLR Products
with the Sales Page Included for Freeeee!

And, as a Bonus You can download this Great
Guide Free, No sign Up Required:

Now…We want to let you know we are launching
another Great Mailer, Watch for ‘The Matrix Mailer’
Coming Soon!!!

And in closing, Here is a Promo Code
for 5 Solo Ads: High5 at All of our sites,
except ‘Last Chance Mailer’ and ‘Extreme Viral
Mailer’ at those 2 you can get 2500 Mailing Credits!

Have a Great Day,

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Hello Everyone…

Your Banner Here Across Our Network – Click for Information!

So I cannot resolve and recover the old GOT Site.

I can restore it as close as possible with this theme

though. I like this theme because it is simple, and

yes I like easy:-)  Anyway, I will start getting up

the resources, as close to what the old site had, as

possible. Hang in there. I have a few new ones


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