Memorial Day Promo Codes

Hey Everyone

Happy Memorial Day!

Well almost… but the weekend
at least:-)

So I wanted to kick-off the
weekend with a few Promo Codes.

For Premium Leads Club Here is
a Platinum Upgrade for New Members
and Old too as long as you aren’t
above that already: MemPlat0521

For Everyone else heres 10,000pts.
and a loggin ad for 1000 views:

The code below will work at checkout
for $10 off ANY upgrade purchased:

The same code will also give 10,000
Credits and a Sponsor Ad with 1000
Views at our other sites: MEM_DAY21

So if you haven’t visited them you
can go here:

You can Also Use these Codes in your
own Promotion efforts!!!

Other than that, I hope you all have
a Great Holiday, for those who celebrate

Me and Mine… We will be Fishing for the

Be Blessed and Be Safe,


Hi Everybody,

First a Warm Welcome to all our New Members!

I want to encourage ALL of you to check out
our team build. Our group is Crushing it, and
we are not very old, but growing every day!!!

Here is a New Promo Code to start your
Week: MON24WP

Seems a LOT of people are not using them:-(

I have to remind everyone that not logging
in at least once every 30 days puts accounts at
risk of deletion. If you know who your referrals
are… encourage them to log in as well. If
they are not active you can not qualify for

Have a Great Week:-)

Hi Everyone – Promo Code for the Week!

Hi Everyone

So how about a Promo Code to start
the Week: 10Mon21

It is good at all our sites!

Here is a one time, ‘Today Only’ offer
for you!

‘If you Upgrade at my friend Ernie Geeting’s site ‘My Viral List Builder’ I will give you the equivalent upgrade here at Premium Leads Club’

Have a Fantastic Week,