I been getting this a lot over time, a long time!

Hi Guys... and Girls:-)


I been getting this a lot over time, a long time!

So I decided to write a little about IM, or Marketing

in general that are some tips from a Veteran Marketer,

that I learned both online, and in the

‘Brick and Mortar’ marketing

world. This is by no means… all

inclusive, or exhaustive, and not

necessarily in order:-)


You Need to promote less things, in more ways.

Less is better, you must succeed in one thing,

before you move on to another. Mastery is key!

When you learn to make one business successful

you can apply the principals to another.


People who fail Internet Marketing have these

6 things, at the least… in common.


1.) They don’t build a list. ( This should be your #1 Focus

in my opinion:-)) Yes, even the wise ‘Brick and Mortar’

businesses do this! But… it must be a quality list, that

has been groomed, and you have built trust with. Quality

over quantity, most definitely applies here!


2.) Jumping from program to program, always wanting the next

shiny thing/object – usually promising easy riches/money,

(my advice: “leave the shiny things for the raccoons”). Oh,

and yes…. Push Button easy! I’ve heard it a lot, we are a

instant gratification culture in this day and age.


3.) Spread themselves too thin by following the, ‘Multiple

Income Streams’ advice of others. A lot of whom have

never made a dime. Yes, multiple streams are good, you

shouldn’t have all your eggs in one basket, but I believe

building one business at a time is most effective, for most

people, then… rinse and repeat.


4.) Don’t treat their business as just that… a business,

they act like it’s a hobby. They don’t have a written

business plan, with objectives and goals clearly



5.) They don’t want to realize that capital, investing both

time and money, is pretty much the reality of owning any

business… in the real world and online! And yes, time is

money, unless you believe your time is worth nothing!

Relates to #4 again.


6.) Last on this list, they are the type pf person that either

doesn’t take action…. or quits when they don’t see

instantaneous, or fast results! This relates to #2



*** Bonus Tip:   Build Your List, Build

Your List, Build Your List….


Best Regards,


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I have been Internet and/or affiliate marketing since 2003 and began Pinkham Communications in 2005. I reside in Wyoming and manage several domains, supplying Hosting, Digital Products, Traffic Resources, Lead Generation and other IM Services.

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